Who am I?

I’m Lisa, a Kentucky girl who transplanted to Massachusetts in 1999.  Sometime during my years of graduate school, a career in human resources, marriage, and two children I found my love for photography. For me nothing is more important than family, and I believe a family’s story can be told through images. Life and the camera have lot in common. If you focus on what is important, then you can get it right.

Photo Credit: Jon Canlas

Photo Credit: Jon Canlas

What I am drawn to...

My specialty is children and families. I find that the moments caught by the camera that are not posed but that are actually “in the moment” are the best storytellers. Your family’s story can unfold pictorially in various ways and told in places where life really happens.

Why I do it...

Life is not perfect and sometimes even messy. But in that mess lives a real family. In 30 years, do you want your children to look at childhood photos and remark how immaculate the kitchen was as the family sat eating cookies on a plate or maybe a photo that reminds them of that time they wore matching clothes and posed with smiles in a studio? Those make beautiful holiday cards but it’s not real life. I prefer helping a family to tell their authentic story. Perhaps the images could remind them of the messy and fun time the family had making cookies, even if the cookies were less than perfect and the kitchen looked like a flour bag exploded. Or, they could be reminded of a family outing wearing play clothes, making S’mores, getting a little sand in the hair, and earning grass stains on their knees.

Remember that time...

Your family may have a special event that has a story to be told, perhaps a birthday, graduation, anniversary, adoption, a family gathering. One family I had the pleasure to photograph asked that I come to the nursing home where they gathered to visit their beloved grandmother with Alzheimer’s.  I photographed as they visited, ate, told stories, held the sweet woman’s hand, gave hugs, laughed, and children played. That was their last get-together with the grandmother. She passed shortly after that.

Other families let me capture “a day in life of…” where I spend a few hours with the family quietly taking pictures of their ordinary day. I capture the family as they are living their life--breakfast, dressing, reading, playing, going to the park, cooking. These are moments your children will look back and say, “Remember that time when…?”  I believe those are the kind of moments that are the glue to a family’s connection and create lifelong memories and traditions.

Are you ready for your story to be told?

I would be delighted to speak with you about how we can best tell your family’s story. I would enjoy capturing your life’s moments before they are missed or forgotten. Afterall, home is where your family’s story begins.